Idol in Detroit

American Idol Logo

American Idol will reportedly be taping segments at the Motown Museum in Detroit tomorrow. The mentor segments are slated to run next week. The Detroit News reports it will be closed off to both the press, and the public. [via Detnews]


Legendary Detroit jazz club may be forced to close

The owner of a legendary Detroit jazz club says the downturn in the economy and a growing stack of bills could lead to the end of a nearly 75 year run. Baker’s Keyboard Lounge has entertained at the corner of 8 Mile and Livernois since 1934. But owner John Colbert says a number of factors are putting the club’s future in jeopardy, and he may be forced to sell. Baker’s has hosted a number of jazz greats over the years, including John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald and Dave Brubeck, among many others.

Twitter and Mom

So, I was trying to explain to my mom what Twitter is. She’s heard mention of it on The Insider and Entertainment Tonight and so on…It’s a challenge. I’d say something like, “Well, you let people know what you are doing.” And she would say, “Why?”

I guess I don’t know the answer. How’s the best way to describe it to someone who doesn’t know how to get online? haha.


Sesame Street explains Madoff

Are we swearing more? *#@!

This article on seems to say so. They’re calling it “Recession F-Bombs.”  I don’t think I have noticed an upward tick in swearing. What do you think?

I have made it a policy just not to swear in general, mostly because I didn’t want one to accidently “slip out” on the air. I have said enough embarrassing things on air, I don’t need a swear word on that list as well. :-P

It’s an interesting article. Take a look.

National Holiday?

Apparently there has been some talk (at least a petition) to make St. Patrick’s Day a national holiday:

What do you think? Enjoy the green beer. [via MyFoxDetroit]


Syfy? sheesh

Sci Fi channel is changing it’s name to Syfy. Yeah… they’re also adopting a really ugly logo. Good luck!
[via Zap2it]