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Say ‘goodbye’ to another newspaper

The Ann Arbor News will cease operations in July. The daily paper has been around for 174 years serving the greater Ann Arbor area. A new online venture will take its place.  The paper reports community forums about the new website are scheduled for April 2nd and 3rd. [via Mlive]


WLBY goes business

One of my previous stations, AM 1290 WLBY, is dropping the Air America format and moving towards business talk radio. That also means the return of Lucy Ann Lance on a daily basis, beginning March 23rd. Lucy Ann was very kind to me during the short while we worked together, so I’m happy the show is getting a full time slot. It’ll be interesting to hear the rest of the format.
[via the Ann Arbor News]

Well here I am

Hi all-
I haven’t blogged in quite a while, and with recently being laid off at Ann Arbor Radio…I have a bit of time on my hands. :-P

I’ll mostly use this to write down my daily thoughts, and link up to things I find interesting. If you want to follow me elsewhere, there’s a couple of links:

twitter: newsbrian
myspace: a2radiobrianlarsen

Be back soon,