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The ‘Idols’ are here

The American Idol contestants made it to Detroit today to film their mentoring segments for next week’s show. The Detroit Free Press reports Motown greats Berry Gordy Jr. and Smokey Robinson are there as well. American Idol will air on Wed. and Thursday next week (a day delay because of the Presidential Address). [via Freep]


Legendary Detroit jazz club may be forced to close

The owner of a legendary Detroit jazz club says the downturn in the economy and a growing stack of bills could lead to the end of a nearly 75 year run. Baker’s Keyboard Lounge has entertained at the corner of 8 Mile and Livernois since 1934. But owner John Colbert says a number of factors are putting the club’s future in jeopardy, and he may be forced to sell. Baker’s has hosted a number of jazz greats over the years, including John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald and Dave Brubeck, among many others.

Rothbury Lineup

Bob Dylan is featured in this summer’s Rothbury lineup. I KNOW that will make Mr. Bandyke very happy. :-)

Also included are Willie Nelson and surviving members of the Grateful Dead, among others. Last year the festival reportedly brought in 40,000 people to a place in Michigan, I doubt, anyone had ever heard of before! [via WWJ]